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The Perfect balance of Fire and Water! With over 25 years combined experience. Jesse and Joshua provide an impressive array of know-how. 

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Jesse, a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary, with a reflective career of achievement. Throughout his journey, he has nurtured, founded, collaborated, sold, and licensed numerous flourishing enterprises. With a unique blend of relationship-building finesse and astute business acumen, Jesse orchestrates strategies that propel organizations to unparalleled success.

An innate sense of leadership compatibility, coupled with an acute understanding of cutting-edge technologies, enables Jesse to discern alignment between leaders, teams, and the latest business applications. By leveraging time-tested methodologies and embracing industry best practices, he expertly guides clients through every stage of their initiative's lifecycle – from initial development to seamless project management. His trail is adorned with victorious ventures and delighted clientele.

Jesse's proficiencies encompass a wide array of domains, including strategic business planning, team dynamics, operational management, system integration, information systems, and technology design and implementation. Equipped with an expansive repertoire of skills, he consistently delivers tailor-made solutions that drive growth and optimize organizational performance.

As a testament to his versatility and expertise, Jesse most recently served as a fractionalized Chief Operating Officer (COO) for multiple companies and initiatives. His contributions have operationalized vision and bolstered profitability, earning him accolades from all corners of the business landscape.

Join Jesse on his remarkable journey and unlock the transformative power of strategic insights and unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we will elevate your business to unprecedented heights.

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Joshua has navigated the dynamic landscapes of startups, sustainability, operations, sales, and executive positions, all with a profound understanding that business can be a true force for good. He recognizes that the traditional models of profit maximization and short-term thinking are no longer sufficient in addressing the complex challenges we face today.

With a steadfast dedication to sustainability, He has been at the forefront of a movement that recognizes the interdependence between business and the Earth, reminding us that we are not separate from nature, but deeply interconnected with all living beings.

What sets Joshua apart is his ability to infuse purpose and meaning into every aspect of his work. He understands that businesses have the power to contribute to a more just and sustainable world, and he has used this understanding as a guiding principle throughout his career. Whether it is streamlining operations, leading high-performing sales teams, or guiding organizations through periods of transformation, Joshua remains steadfast in his commitment to leaving a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

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